Casement windows, sash windows,
uPVC windows, aluminium windows

Don’t let cracked, misted glass or worn locks spoil your view, ensure your windows are in perfect working order.
A broken window can be often seen from a distance and you could be inviting burglars for an easy entry into your home. Be safe and get it sorted as soon as possible.

If you windows do have one or more of these problems, then do not worry. The uPVC repair surgeon can fix your windows fast, and at an agreeable price.

Misted glass
In double glazing there are two panels of glass filled with gas which insulate the window to keep the heat in your home. When the seal breaks between these two glass panels the glass fills us with condensation which mists up the glass.

Broken glass
We replace the glass panel and fit it back into the frame to ensure your product delivers on its benefits.

Obscured glass
If you have decided to add a level of privacy to a room such as a bathroom and would like obscured glass fitted, we have a variety of decorative designs which have different levels of transparency to meet your needs.

Stained or bevelled glass
We have partnerships with leading suppliers of stained glass and bevelled glass and can usually match the existing design. If you fancy something different we can also provide new designs.

Broken window locks/ mechanisms
Locks which don’t operate normally compromise the security of your home. If you are having difficulties locking/unlocking or the lock itself isn’t functional then getting it fixed should be a priority.

Catches on the side/bottom of frame.
The steel coasting expanding and contacts when temperatures are very high or low causing them to misalign over time.

A faulty hinge puts stress on the frame and over time causes structural damage which is expensive to replace.