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uPVC panel doors, composite doors, French door, patio doors/ sliding doors, bi-fold doors

Do you normally have to push, squeeze or struggle your way through your door every day? UPVC doors are virtually maintenance free however from time to time faults can arise, addressing these issues early is always recommended so that they don’t develop into bigger more expensive problems to fix.

Doors which aren’t working properly, compromise the security of your home and burglars can take advantage of these issues by turning them into opportunities.
Broken panels or doors which don’t close flush with the frame cause drafts, heat loss and structural-stress on the rest of the frame.

  • Doors: – UPVC and Timber
  • Double glazed units – Clear – Toughen – Leaded – Georgian Bar – Bevelled units
  • Single panes of glass
  • Gasket/Seals
  • Handles
  • Locks
  • Lock Cases
  • Door hinges
  • Cylinders – Plus thumb turn cylinders
  • Door restrictors
  • Spindles
  • Adjustments
  • Door hardware eg letterboxes, knockers etc..
  • Resealing and trimming of windows
  • DGUS with holes for Cat/Dog flaps
  • Spiral balances for sash windows

Door hinges
A faulty hinge puts stress on the frame and over time causes structural damage which is expensive to replace.

Broken door locks/ mechanisms
Locks which don’t operate normally compromise the security of your home. If you are having difficulties locking/unlocking or the lock itself isn’t functional then getting it fixed should be a priority.

Upgrade your door lock
Modern locks have sophisticated security features like anti pick, anti bump and anti drill which aren’t available on old locks. Replacing your tired old locks with a new locks.

Door obscured glass
If you have decided to add a level of privacy to a room such as a bathroom and would like obscured glass fitted, we have a variety of decorative designs which have different levels of transparency to meet your needs.

Door stained or bevelled glass
We have partnerships with leading suppliers of stained glass and bevelled glass and can usually match the existing design. If you fancy something different we can also provide new designs.

Catches on the side/bottom of frame.
The steel coasting expanding and contacts when temperatures are very high or low causing them to misalign over time.

Door handles
Over years handles can show signs of wear and develop faults. Most common is handles becoming stiff to operate or loose.

Door furniture
We install and replace wireless doorbells, letterbox, spy hole, door numbers or knockers

Door Cat/pet flaps
We can integrate a cat flap into your door so your pet can enter and leave without the hassle of you needing to open the door.

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